Tel: 07527 868805  Shop Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:30am to 6:00pm 
You are advised to ring before coming to visit. All other times, please ring. I'm very flexible.

My Premises

‣   Fountain Pens & Lighters

‣   Clocks & Watches

Antiques & curios photographs


Gramaphone classics

Music players of the past >

Antique rarities

Lamps, cash registers, phone boxes,>


Antiques & Collectibles

‣  Gold & Jewellery

Purchase Philosophy

Be assured, you will receive a thoroughly professional service by a respectable person of high integrity, however large or small your needs. There is NO COMMITMENT for a FREE VALUATION and you are welcome to come visit me in person or ask me to come to you. When I make a purchase from you, payments can be made in cheque or cash.

‣   Coins & Medals

Aged mechanics

Mechanical clocks and watches >

I have an unwavering philosophy of caring for the preservation of antiques. I respect and preserve as much of any original piece as possible.

‣   Old Toys

Tel: 07527 868805

‣  Collectibles


Old signs

Mementos of past advertising >

My shop in Ruislip Manor contains a mixture of delightful curios and antiques. From taxidermy to classic vehicle parts. Please do call before travelling.